Yup that's right!

    I'm starting a flower farm and taking these three handsome guys along for the ride. My name is Amy Green and my partner is Kenny Russaw. We currently live in a Seattle suburb but our goal this year is to buy a property and create our own little slice of heaven.


    I have spent the last eighteen years working as an interior designer in both the commercial and residential spheres. Two years ago I discovered the world of micro flower farming and have been obsessed ever since. It is like I woke up one day and knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life!


   My adulthood has been centered around city life but my childhood experience was much different. I grew up on a five acre farm in Port Orchard, WA. We had cows, a horse, a barn, an apple orchard, woods to play in and an extremely large vegetable garden. I remember spending summer days in the garden with my family, my parents working away as my sister and I “helped”, but mostly eating our way through the strawberries and peas. The garden was situated on a fairly steep hill just below the barn. She and I would jump down garden rows gaining momentum from the slope, each jump felt as though you were flying then landing in a soft dusty pile of dirt. It was glorious! And oh so dirty!

   I feel like I am returning to to my roots but applying my years of design experience and adding in modern methods of farming to create something unique and completely me. The vision for our farm is to offer experiences centered around beautiful flowers. Making it a place people can come recharge, find joy, maybe learn something and walk away with an arm full of fresh flowers.

   In the mean time our friends at the the MI Funny Farm have opened their gates to us to get things started. I'm still pinching myself daily.


  Currently there are trays and trays of seedlings in my dining room waiting to go in the ground. Over 75 varieties in every color you could possibly imagine. The rows are being planted in a color gradient so we decided to call it the OMBRE GARDEN, It's going to be stunning!


   Maybe it will go so well that KIKA Flowers will be operating out of both locations in the future, our farm and theirs. In any case I feel extremely blessed to be doing what my soul is really calling me to do, grow flowers.


zinias KIKA Flowers.jpg
KIKA Flower Farm.jpg



 Our family - Kenny, Isaiah, Kasen & Amy


We would love to take you on this journey with us,

in that effort we will be documenting and sharing as much as we possibly can.

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And by all means share our story, we need to get the word out so flower lovers can find us!